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Sustainable Development Commitment

Brunp Recycling combines the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to formulate sustainable development commitments and related management policies, and promotes the integration of its own development with economic, social, and environmental sustainability.

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    Anti-corruption and business ethics

    Brunp Recycling insists on a zero-tolerance attitude towards corruption from top to bottom, clarifying the red line and bottom line of work style and business behavior. The company has established a construction and promotion group of integrity and self-discipline to carry out integrity management according to the regulations such as the "Employee Integrity and Self-Discipline Management System", "Reward and Punishment Management Regulations", and "Brunp Thirteen No Kinship" rules.

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    Product Quality and Safety

    By building and operating a quality management system, the company aims to improve overall performance and lay a solid foundation for promoting sustainable development. The company adheres to the core quality policy of "prevention first, high-quality management; energy conservation and emission reduction, compliance with laws and regulations; people-oriented, full participation; customer satisfaction, continuous improvement".

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    Emissions and Waste Management

    Brunp Recycling strictly complies with national laws and regulations to carry out emissions and waste management work, and has formulated systems such as the "Regulations on Environmental Emissions Management" and "Regulations on Pollutant Emissions Management". Corresponding limits for wastewater, waste gas, and noise emissions, as well as solid waste management requirements, are set according to the actual situation of each production base to ensure compliant emissions. 

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    Energy Management

    Brunp Recycling promotes the energy policy of "energy conservation and efficiency enhancement within design first, clean production under optimized energy use, full participation in compliance with laws and regulations, green, low-carbon and sustainable operation". It builds an energy management system based on the relevant requirements of ISO 50001, It sets targets for the total amount and density decomposition of comprehensive energy consumption, electricity consumption, and steam consumption for each base.

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    Supply Chain Responsibility

    Brunp Recycling continuously strengthens quality management of its supply chain partners, insists on making sustainable development an important part of its procurement strategy, regularly identifies supply chain management risks, strengthens mineral supply chain management, achieves the creation of a responsible supply chain, and ensures that the company practices sustainable development from the source.

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    Employee Responsibilities

    Brunp Recycling insists on creating a fair and just employee management system to provide employees with safe and convenient working and living conditions; actively builds a safe and healthy working environment to protect the health of employees; integrates employee growth into the company's development process, and continues to tap employees potential, grow and develop together with employees.

Social Welfare Activities

Brunp Recycling insists on fulfilling social responsibilities with practical actions, strengthening communication with local communities, establishing good neighborly relations with them, actively participating in public welfare and charity, gathering efforts to assist rural revitalization and promote the realization of common prosperity.

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