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    Brunp Recycling creates highly automated recycling processes and establishes a systematic and extensive recycling network system. Based on the health performance of retired batteries, they will be identified and classified, and then flowing in the echelon utilization or regeneration process.

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Extensive Recycling Network

Covering the full life cycle of battery with property right circulation, making the circulation of waste batteries "traceable"

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    Recycling network layout

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    Battery recycling proportion

Joint Construction

Brunp Recycling constructs the recycling network with the upstream and downstream of industry chain to realize the close-loop cycle of waste battery management


Large Scale Processing Capability

Realize industrial transformation of technological achievements and maturely cope with the retirement tide of waste traction batteries.

  • Existing

    120,000 tons of recycling capacity of waste traction batteries

  • Under Construction

    Over 300,000 tons of recycling capacity of waste traction batteries

  • Under Planning

    Over 1 million tons of recycling capacity of waste traction batteries

Breaking the Ceiling of Technique

Brunp Recycling leads multiple positions in resource recovery rate through automated disassembly and full component recovery


Achieve Ultimate Safety


Leading Qualifications, Creating Top-Notch Products and Services

Operation quantification of traction battery recycling

Handling quantification of end-of-life vehicle

Operation license of hazardous waste

White list published by the MIIT of China


Traceability Management, Clarify the Origin and Development of Each Battery

Realize full traceability from ordering, transportation, storage, disassembling, and analysis

Upload data for each battery pack following the requirements of the MIIT of China

Realize customer information confidentiality and prevent battery from flowing to other places


Environment-Friendly, Escort the Green Development of New Energy Industry

Innovative ammonia nitrogen wastewater recycling technology, reduce the ammonia nitrogen concentration in wastewater from 2000-4000mg/L to 8mg/L

Zero discharge of high salinity wastewater, carbon capture and utilization of process waste gas, and full utilization of associated slag

Green and low-carbon technology won the first prize for 2021 Guangdong Province Science and Technology Progress Award

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  • 01 Qualification Safety

  • 02 Customer Safety

  • 03 Environmental Safety

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