Responding to Low-Carbon Demands and Creating Green Products

  • Release time:2023-12-04

Brunp Recycling achieves green and low-carbon benefits of products through technological innovation and material performance breakthroughs, assists in carbon reduction at the traction battery usage end, and thus provides green products for the entire lifecycle of the new energy industry. In 2022, Brunp Recycling continued to create innovative entire-lifecycle green and low-carbon products, with multiple products obtaining green product-related certifications. In February 2023, in the list of green manufacturing for 2022 publicly announced by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, Brunp Recycling was selected as a national green factory, and two of the company's products were selected as national green design products.

Certified Green Products in 2022

Lithium nickel cobalt manganese oxide NCM523 Modified LL55

As the cathode material for traction batteries in new energy vehicles, the Lithium nickel cobalt manganese oxide NCM523 Modified LL55 has advantages such as high energy density and long endurance mileage. After improvement, the material has a specific capacity of 178mAh/g at 4.35 V/0.1 C; under 1 C/1 C charge and discharge conditions, it can cycle for more than or equal to 2200 cycles at normal temperature and more than or equal to 1500 cycles at 45 °C; its DC resistance (DCR), gas production, and storage performance all meet customer requirements to a high standard.

Nickel-Cobalt-Manganese Hydroxide 523

Nickel-cobalt-manganese hydroxide is a ternary precursor for cathode materials. The company uses advanced technology and processes encouraged by the state to prepare nickel-cobalt-manganese hydroxide 523, achieving a stable improvement in the performance of the prepared material. The average value of magnetic foreign matter in the material is less than 10 ppb, and the average tap density thereof is greater than 1.8 g/cm³.


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