Zero Carbon Manifesto of Brunp Recycling

  • Release time:2023-12-04

I would like to take the chance to officially announce that Brunp will work with CATL to realize operational carbon neutrality by 2025 and value chain carbon neutrality by 2035.

We solemnly promise that in the future, we will adhere to our original intention of creating a green life through technology, uphold the concept of directional recycling, practice zero carbon from the whole life cycle dimension, and provide greener and lower carbon products to our customers.

Starting from the establishment of six bases, nine carbon neutral factories, we will replicate and promote carbon neutral experience in our global bases, building a vertical intergration low-carbon industry park covering recycling, resources and materials.

Meanwhile, we also hope to work with partners in low-carbon product certification and import and export to promote the high-quality development of the new energy industry chain and jointly contribute to the realization of the national carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals.


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