Brunp Recycling's Green Electricity Introduction Plan

  • Release time:2023-12-04

Brunp Recycling actively implements the "Green Electricity Introduction Plan", sets targets for increasing the proportion of green electricity usage at each base, and gradually achieves renewable energy replacement in conjunction with the construction of renewable energy infrastructure such as rooftop photovoltaics. As of the end of 2022, the installed capacity of photovoltaic power generation facilities at the Foshan base has reached 1.29 megawatts, and the total amount of photovoltaic power generation in 2022 has reached 1.562 million kilowatt-hours, equivalent to avoiding 891 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions; 7 companies or subsidiaries, including Global Research Development and Innovation Center, Hunan Brunp Automobile Recycling Co., Ltd, Ningde Anpu Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., Pingnan Contemporary New Material Technology Co., Ltd., Yichang Brunp Recycling Technology Co., Ltd., Yichang Brunp Contemporary Amperex Co., Ltd., and Hubei Yihua Jiangjiadun Mining Co., Ltd., have achieved full green electricity operations in their respective factories. In addition, the plant area uses solar-powered street lights with a echelon-utilization battery energy storage system, and each individual street light can avoid 999.2 kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalent emissions per year.


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