Brunp Recycling Ranked 7th in the 2023 Foshan Top 100 Enterprises

  • Release time:2023-10-09

On Foshan Entrepreneur Day and Foshan Talent Day, the Foshan Enterprise Federation, Foshan Entrepreneur Association, and Foshan General Chamber of Commerce released the research results of Foshan manufacturing industry. Six lists including the 2023 Foshan Top 100 Enterprises, the 2023 Top 100 Private Enterprises, and the 2023 Top 100 Manufacturing Industry were officially released.

Brunp Recycling has been listed on 5 lists: 7th among the top 100 enterprises in Foshan, with an increase of 10 places compared to the year of 2022; 6th in the Top 100 Private Enterprises, with an increase of 8 places; Ranking fourth in the top 100 manufacturing enterprises in Foshan, with an increase of 5 places. Brunp ranked 4th among the top 100 Foshan enterprises in terms of profit and tax contributions, and 9th among the top 100 Foshan enterprises in terms of internationalization.


Over the past 18 years, Brunp has been continuously striving on the battery recycling track. It has been selected as a national intellectual property advantage enterprise and won the 23rd China Patent Excellence Award. It has achieved a new development model of full chain zero carbon in six major bases and nine factories worldwide. In the future, the company will be rooted in Foshan, have a global perspective, and make more contributions to social development.


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