The 2022 Operation Session and 2023 Strategy Session of Brunp were Held Successfully

  • Release time:2023-01-14

From January 13th to January 14th, The 2022 Operation Session and 2023 Strategy Session of Brunp were held in Foshan. Li Changdong, the President of Brunp, departments directors and members of the 2023 three tough battles attended the sessions.



Understand the situation and face challenges


On the 2022 Operation Session, we reviewed the operation over the past year and deployed the 2023 working emphases. Li Changdong put forward seven requirements for the company's members.


1.The Best Arena Needs Excellent Racers

Nowadays, Brunp is in the main track of new energy which is full of fierce competitors. We have to learn constantly and improve ourselves continuously, or else we cannot stay on the main track and win in this international competition.


2.Build Core Competitiveness

The market is complex, and the competition is far more fierce than expected. Only when we get rid of mediocre thinking, learn to think from a long-term perspective, and build a competitive R&D system, supply chain system, and manufacturing system, can we carve out a place in the new energy market.


3.Enhance the Innovation Ability

An enterprise cannot develop at a high speed without innovation. Research institutes and other relevant departments should make efforts to tackle key problems, come up with feasible production plans, and remove obstacles for the implementation of the project.


4.Establish a Modern Management System

Nowadays, the old mindset is not applicable. It is necessary to establish a modern enterprise system to standardize behaviours and support the efficient operation.


5.Compliance is the bottom line

We should establish the correct underlying logic, understand the significance of safety and quality. We should not think in the personal position, but upgrade our thinking, establish system and structural thinking.


6.Integrate ESG into the development of the company

We should seize the future opportunities, create long-term value, and connect with global operation in advance from the aspects of environment, society and governance.


7. Promote an Open and Inclusive Culture

We should adhere to the people-oriented principle, and implement it in place.We need to promote an open and inclusive culture, stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of staff, and lay a solid talent foundation for the development of Brunp.


Devote yourself and strive tirelessly


The 2023 Strategy-Session of Brunp reviewed the seven tough battles in 2022 and made an assessment for the tough battles in 2023.


President Li Changdong stressed that the competition in the new energy industry is fierce. He said that the staff of Brunp should remain sober, devote themselves wholeheartedly, and make 120% efforts. At the meeting, President Li Changdong put forward several requirements for three tough battles in 2023.


1.To fight a tough battle, we should not be too dogmatic and mechanically copied. We should clarify the schedule, combat map and risk points to facilitate the coordination of multiple departments. It is necessary to have a clear objectives, analyze the cause of failure and the experience of success.


2. Fighting is not a task for someone, but a challenge for the whole team. The combat map should be considered in more detail, the task should be decomposed to each department, and the responsible person should be identified. The backstage department should understand the demands, prepare in advance, and support the combat team ahead unconditionally.


3. To fight a tough battle, the commanders need to have strategic thinking, sovle the problems, and rethink how to fight at the Brunp’s point of view.


At the end of the meeting, the signing ceremony of the 2023 Military Order and the Awarding Ceremony of the ‘hufu’ were held.




The Efficient Supply Chain Team said that the whole team is in one ship, solving the key problems, and trying our best to fight the hard battle.


The Yichang Project Team said that the team is fighting for honor, the mission will be reached, and the decisive battle will win.


The Lithium and Nickel Resources Team said that we are sure to win, we will lock the target and fight a quick battle.


Faced with the opportunities and challenges in 2023, we will seize the opportunity and cooperate efficiently to achieve the mission.

The new journey begins and the heavy responsibility lies on our shoulders. 2023 is the key year for us to make progress. Let's step by step, work hard with high morale, and let Brunp stand in the new energy industry forever.


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