The Commencement of Brunp in 2023 was Held in Seven Bases

  • Release time:2023-01-29

On January 29th, the 2023 commencement of Brunp was held in every base.

At 8:18, the ceremonines began in seven bases. All Brunp employees will work hard and quickly, compare with the "running rabbit", and welcome the year of 2023 at our best.


Each base will adhere to the development concept of "safety and environment first, quality second, production third", conduct safety inspection on the construction site and production workshop,and ensure the safety of production and construction.


In the year of 2023, we have three tough battles to fight, hoping that all Brunp employees can jump out of the "comfort zone", continue to learn, improve themselves, and become world-class players. We should realize that all of us are a part of the tough battles,  communicate effectively, and devote ourselves to work.

In the next step, Brunp will focus on the "1255139" strategic blueprint, keep a combat state of not waiting for a moment, not hesitating for a moment, and not slacking for a moment. We will build core competitiveness, enable regional economic and industrial development, and make more contributions to society.



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