Zhang Zuolin, the Secretary of Ningxiang Municipal Party Committee, visited Brunp

  • Release time:2023-01-31

On January 30th, Zhang Zuolin, the secretary of Ningxiang Municipal Party Committee visited the Brunp Changsha Base , sent New Year's greetings and gave some advices.

Accompanied by Gong Qinxue, General Manager of the Brunp Changsha Base, Zhang Zuolin visited the workshop, understand the latest technical and market trends, and expressed full affirmation of the Brunp.

Zhang Zuolin stressed that the recycling industry not only needs to make continuous effort, but also needs to innovate. It is necessary to increase the R&D capability, make the main products more competitive, and expand the market. At the same time, we should carry out the development concept of safety and environmental protection first, always keep the red line of safety in mind.


During the visit, Zhang Zuolin pointed out that the Ningxiang Municipal Party Committee and the government will continue to strengthen responsibilities, strengthen overall planning and coordination, help enterprises solve problems, optimize the business environment, and help enterprises achieve high-quality development.


Brunp will take on new missions and make new achievements in the battery recycling industry, and make new contributions to the high-quality development of Ningxiang's economy and society.


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