Brunp Attended the EV Battery Recycling Industry Salon of Shenzhen Stock Exchange

  • Release time:2023-02-09

On February 9th, the salon of "SZSE · Chuangxianghui" was held in Shenzhen, Guangdong. This salon focused on the theme of "EV battery recycling in green and low-carbon industries". Brunp was invited as an enterprise representative to attend the event and delivered a speech at the round-table meeting.

The Shenzhen Stock Exchange(SZSE) said that new energy industry is an important fulcrum for the economic transformation and development of China. With the development of new energy vehicle industry, EV battery recycling industry will grow rapidly.


SZSE also mentioned that at present, a number of excellent enterprises have emerged in the fields of battery recycling, secondary utilization, raw material recycling, material recycling and new energy vehicle reassembly.

Zhai Feng, vice president of Brunp said that Brunp started in Foshan, developed in GBA, and has built seven bases in the world around the layout of ‘one core and two wings’. Zhai Feng pointed out that the new energy industry is showing an explosive growth trend. The number of EV battery vehicles is growing, and cities need to face the problem of used EV battery. At the beginning of this year, the Brunp Vertical Integration Industrial Park was settled in Foshan. It will integrate the whole chain and the whole life of battery material.

In recent years, Brunp focuses on the "1255139" strategy to achieve continuous improvement of production efficiency and product quality, so as to help the green and low-carbon development of the industry.

This salon also invited leading enterprises, investment institutions, experts and professors. Participants discuss the development of EV battery recycling industrial jointly.


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