Mr. Garibaldi Thohir and his Delegation Visted Brunp

  • Release time:2023-02-23

On February 23th, 2023, Mr. Garibaldi Thohir, chairman of the board of directors of Adaro, a leading Indonesian coal enterprise, and Mr. Winato Kartono, chairman of the board of directors of Merdeka, an Indonesian nonferrous metal giant, visited Brunp. Li Changdong, president of Brunp and a number of senior executives of Brunp warmly welcomed.

Mr. Garibaldi Thohir and his delegation visited the exhibition hall and production intelligent control center of Brunp, and learned about the history, innovation achievements, global layout and green low-carbon sustainable development strategy of Brunp. Mr. Garibaldi Thohir and his delegation expressed their appreciation to the development of Brunp.


Mr. Garibaldi Thohir said that Indonesia has become an important participant in the global EV industry, and it is important to develop the new energy industry. The new energy industry in China is advanced around the world, and Indonesia should learn from China in policy formulation, enterprise efficiency and other aspects.

Li Changdong said that Indonesia is rich in nickel, cobalt and manganese mineral resources, with a large population and huge market, and has so many advantages in energy market. In the future, Brunp hope to carry out deeper cooperation with Adaro and Merdeka, jointly create a complete new energy ecosystem.


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