Brunp Signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement with NTE

  • Release time:2023-02-23

February 23rd,Brunp Recycling (Brunp) signed the strategic cooperation agreement on green and low-carbon standards with China Nonferrous Metals Techno-Economic Research Institute Co., Ltd (NTE) in Foshan, Guangdong. Li Changdong, the president of Brunp and Lin Ruhai, secretary of the Party Committee of NTE attended the ceremony. Brunp and NTE will deepen cooperation, promote the development of non-ferrous metal industry towards low-carbon.


Lin Ruhai said that the EV battery recycling business is very important, which can reduce the dependence on overseas resources and will promote the development of non-ferrous metal industry. In the future, NTE will establish a closer cooperative relationship with Brunp in the field of new energy and battery materials.

Li Changdong said that many countries all over the world concern about the recycling of spent EV battery. The formulation of standards is important for Chinese new energy industry to play a leading role in the world. Enterprises such as Brunp should take more social responsibilities in the formulation of standards.

Under the support of SAC/TC243, Brunp worked hard for the standards formulation in the field of battery recycling and materials. As of February 2023, Brunp had participated in the formulation and issuance of 196 international standards, national standards, industrial standards and group standards, of which 104 were under the jurisdiction of SAC/TC243, accounting for 53%.

China is the largest producer and consumer of nonferrous metals all over the world. Under the background of carbon peak and carbon neutral goals, new requirements were put forward. As one of the leading enterprises in the field of battery materials and battery recycling, Brunp has been committed to promoting the standardization and low-carbon development of the non-ferrous metal industry. Through this signing, Brunp will strengthen cooperation with NTE, and jointly promote the high-quality and low-carbon development of China's non-ferrous metal industry.


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