Lu Shuming and his Delegation Visited Brunp

  • Release time:2023-02-24

February 24th, Lu Shuming, director of the Energy Conservation Department of Guangdong Energy Bureau, and his delegation investigated Brunp, accompanied by Kong Haiwen, director of the Foshan Development & Reform Bureau.


Lu Shuming and his delegation visited the exhibition hall and intelligent control center of Brunp, listened to the company's history, innovation achievements, production and manufacturing, industrial chain layout, energy conservation and emission reduction reports, and learned about the green manufacturing progress of Brunp.

Lu Shuming highly affirmed the achievements of Brunp, and said that EV battery recycling is important to respond to the dual-carbon goal and promote green development. It is hoped that Brunp can strengthen the green technology research, build the vertical integration industrial park, and promote the high-quality development of the industry.


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