Li Changdong: Improve the Access Threshold and Promote the High-Quality Development of the EV Battery Recycling Industry

  • Release time:2023-03-07


The first session of the 14th National People's Congress is being held in Beijing, Guangdong provincial delegation deliberated the government work report from the afternoon of March 5th to the morning of March 6th. Li Changdong, deputy to the 14th National People's Congress and president of Brunp, attended the session.


March 6th, Foshan News Media Center interviewed Li Changdong online. Li Changdong said that he pays special attention to "promoting green transformation of development mode" and "promoting energy conservation and carbon reduction in key areas" proposed in the government work report. Li Changdong makes suggestions about “improve the access threshold and promote the high-quality development of the EV battery recycling industry” this year. He expressed the hope to strengthen the integrated layout of the recycling chain nationwide, promote the industry towards large scale, large industries and large projects, and achieve high-quality development.


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