Hunan Brunp was Awarded the "Top 50 Enterprises in Three Categories" of Changsha Industrial Enterprises in 2022

  • Release time:2023-04-01

On the morning of March 31th, the Conference on Promoting the Development of Changsha Advanced Manufacturing Industry and the Establishment of the "Five Good" Park was held. The list of "Top 50 Industrial Enterprises in Three Categories" was announced at the meeting. Hunan Brunp was awarded the Changsha "Top 50 Industrial Enterprises with Scale", "Top 50 Industrial Enterprises with Growth", and "Top 50 Industrial Enterprises with Contribution" in 2022, and ranked first among the "Top 50 Industrial Enterprises with Contribution".


Changsha supports the "top 50 enterprises in three categories", with providing key support for production factors such as water and electricity, providing key support in project construction, public facilities, loan financing, etc., and ensuring the stable operation of Changsha's industrial economy.

Hunan Brunp, as an advanced representative of Changsha's courage in reform, innovation, and practical exploration, won the Grand Slam of "Top 50 of Three Categories" in Changsha. This is not only an affirmation of the manufacturing capacity of Hunan Brunp, but also an affirmation of the company's positive impact on local economic.


In the future, guided by the strategic goal of "1255139", Hunan Brunp will take the mission of  "technology to create a green life", rely on strong R&D strength, talent advantages to achieve continuous innovation in categories, continuous improvement in quality, and new heights in scientific research, and make greater contributions to local economic.


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