Empowering Sustainable Development! Brunp was Invited to the '2023 Volvo Car APAC Key Supplier Forum'

  • Release time:2023-05-09

On May 9th, Brunp was invited to attend the ‘2023 Volvo Car APAC Key Supplier Forum’, participants held discussions on topics such as carbon reduction and sustainable development in the EV vehicle industry. In the forum, the global procurement & supply chain management team of Volvo shared the global strategy and key deployments, and introduced Volvo sustainable development technology.


Yong Cai, Vice President of Brunp introduced that in the context of dual carbon, for vehicle manufacturers, recycling the end-of-life batteries is no longer an option, but a must. For battery recycling companies, decarbonization transformation means requiring environmental protection, energy saving, and low carbon in the recycling process. Brunp and our parent company CATL have collaborated with Volvo to jointly build an ecosystem based on battery recycling. It is an industrial closed loop of "battery production - battery use - recycling and resource regeneration." Volvo attaches great importance to battery recycling. The closed-loop battery recycling mode jointly researched by Brunp and Volvo's procurement and battery center departments will help Volvo build a sustainable industrial chain.

With the mission of "technology creates green life", Brunp has always been committed to a sustainable development path. In April, nine factories in Brunp's six global bases were certified as carbon-neutral factories, covering all key segments of the upstream and downstream recycling industry. Brunp has become the first recycling company to achieve zero-carbon production in the whole chain. At the same time, Brunp has solemnly declared that we will work with CATL to achieve carbon neutrality in core operations in 2025 and carbon neutrality across the value chain in 2035.


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