Delegation of BPKP and ANTAM Paid a Visit to Brunp Recycling

  • Release time:2023-05-22

On May 17-18th, a delegation of Indonesian State Finance and Development Survelliance Committee (BPKP) and PT Aneka Tambang (ANTAM) visited the Foshan Headquarters and Changsha Base of Brunp Recycling. President Li Changdong, Vice President Tang Honghui, and General Manager of Changsha Base Gong Qinxue warmly welcomed.


On May 17th, the delegation paid a visit to the Foshan Headquarters of Brunp, where they had a friendly exchange with President Li Changdong. They also visited the enterprise exhibition hall, intelligent management workshop, and the global R&D and innovation center to learn more about the enterprise's history, innovation achievements, global layout, and strategic planning. During the visit, ANTAM Business Development Director Dolok Robert Silaban expressed admiration for Brunp’s circular economy utilization model and green, low-carbon, and sustainable development.


On May 18th, accompanied by Gong Qinxue, the delegation of BPKP and ANTAM visited the battery disassembly workshop, water treatment workshop, pre-treatment workshop, leaching workshop, extraction workshop and synthesis workshop of Brunp.


Currently, CBL, the subsidiary of Brunp is planning to collaborate with ANTAM and IBI to build a power battery industry chain project in Indonesia jointly. This cooperation will further ensure the supply of key resources, improve the company's battery recycling industry layout, and promote cooperation between China and Indonesia in new energy industry.


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