Chen Lei, Deputy Director of Guangdong Department of Industry and Information Technology, visited Brunp Recycling

  • Release time:2023-06-06

On June 6th, 2023, Chen Lei , Deputy Director of Guangdong Department of Industry and Information Technology and his delegation visited Brunp for research. Li Changdong, President of Brunp, warmly welcomed.

Chen Lei and his delegation visited the enterprise exhibition hall and digital intelligent workshop, learn about the development process, technological innovation, industrial layout, intelligent manufacturing, and future development of Brunp.


Chen Lei affirmed the project layout of Brunp Recycling. He said that as one of the major projects of advanced manufacturing industry, Brunp should adhere to innovation leadership, green development and intelligent manufacturing, speed up the construction of power battery recycling network system an innovation center, and promotes green, low-carbon and sustainable development of new energy industry.

Li Changdong expressed his gratitude to Deputy Director of Department of Industry and Information Technology of Guangdong Province for the support and encouragement. Li Changdong said that Brunp will improve the internal skills, focus on the main industry, and contribute to the development of the recycling industry.


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