Li Jianzhong, Vice Governor of Hunan Province Visited Changsha Base of Brunp Recycling

  • Release time:2023-07-01

On June 30th, Li Jianzhong, Vice Governor of Hunan Province, visited Brunp Changsha Base  to conduct research on "going to the grassroots, finding problems, finding solutions, and promoting development". Gong Qinxue, the general manager of the Brunp Changsha Base, warmly welcomed.


During the research, Gong Qinxue introduced the development concept of "safety and environmental first" of Brunp. He also gave a report about the investment in safety and environmental protection, the harmless and resourceful treatment of "three wastes", and the advanced safety production operation and regulatory system of Brunp.

Vice Governor Li Jianzhong affirmed the safety and environmental management work of Brunp. Brunp always prioritizes safety and environmental protection work. In the future, we will build a more advanced safety and environmental management system, and strive to become the model for safety and environmental protection.


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