Brunp ranked 33rd in the 2022 Top 50 Nonferrous Metal Enterprise Revenue

  • Release time:2023-08-22

Recently, China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association announced the Nonferrous Metal Enterprises of Top 50 Revenue and Top 20 Overseas Assets in 2022. With outstanding business performance, technological strength and industry influence, Brunp ranked on the three major lists, ranking 33rd in the Top 50 Operating Income of Nonferrous Metal Enterprises in 2022, 14th in the Net Profit of Nonferrous Metal Enterprises in 2022, and 11th in the Overseas Assets of Nonferrous Metal Enterprises in 2022.


According to statistics, the 50 nonferrous metal enterprises listed this year have outstanding performance in terms of operations, costs, and profits, with a total operating revenue of 6046.57 billion yuan and a total net profit of 271.55 billion yuan. The annual revenue threshold for listed companies has been raised to 27.8 billion yuan.

Nowadays, Brunp has established a vertical integrated production model that integrates mineral resource development, nonferrous metal smelting, battery material research and development, and battery recycling. Through short range cycling and innovative processes, Brunp solved the problems of high energy consumption, high waste production, and large carbon emissions in traditional segmented processes.

Developing the new energy industry is the historical choice. Brunp will take this honor as a new start, adhere to the mission of "Technology Creates Green Life", continuously strengthen core technology research in key fields, create an efficient and responsible supply chain system, accelerate the company's green and low-carbon transformation.


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