Brunp Recycling was Selected as the National Circular Economy Standardization Demonstration Project

  • Release time:2024-02-04

  • Author:邦普循环

On January 22, 2024, the National Standardization Administration and the National Development and Reform Commission issued a notice on the issuance of pilot demonstration projects for the standardization of the national circular economy, with a total of 62 pilot projects and 6 demonstration projects. Guangdong Brunp Recycling Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully selected as the National Circular Economy Standardization Demonstration Project, becoming the only project selected in the field of power battery recycling.


Since the establishment, Brunp has focused on the requirements of the national standardization development, promoting the standardization development of various stages in the new energy field. It has served as the two leading units of the National Waste Chemical Disposal Standardization Technical Committee's Waste Battery Chemical Treatment and Disposal Working Group and the National Automotive Standardization Technical Committee's Vehicle Power Battery Recycling and Utilization Standard Drafting Working Group. As of the end of 2023, Brunp has participated in the formulation and revision of 369 standards related to waste battery recycling and battery materials, of which 259 have been released; 2 international experts have been registered in ISO/TC333 and ISO/TC207 respectively. In addition, Brunp also joined the United Nations Informal Working Group on the Scrap Phase of the Whole Life Cycle of Vehicles as an observer, providing the solution for developing a globally unified carbon footprint accounting method for automobiles.

Brunp focuses on the lithium-ion battery industry, assists in technological innovation, improves product quality, promotes high-level openness, and promotes high-quality development of the industry. In the future, Brunp will continue to strengthen the construction of standardized talent teams, promote the standardization of circular economy construction, promote the common prosperity of the entire industry, and enhance the discourse power of international standards.



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