Hitachi visited Bangpu, Hunan

  • Release time:2014-06-28

  On June 23, two heads of the Battery Business Promotion Division of the Hitachi Automotive Systems Electronics Division visited the Bangpu Recycling Industrial Park, and the two parties exchanged and discussed cooperation on the recycling and processing of power batteries. Tang Honghui, senior director of Hunan Bangpu technology research and development department, Xia Chunyin, manager of raw material purchasing department, and Zhou You, manager of production department I, accompanied the visit.

  Hitachi representatives visited Bangpu’s small waste battery recycling workshop, harmless workshop, high-value workshop, and battery product cycle production process simulation showroom, etc., and had an in-depth understanding of Bangpu’s dismantling and dismantling of power batteries. Recycling and utilization.

  During the accompanying visit, the person in charge of the research and development of the Bangpu power battery recycling project introduced the self-developed technical solution for efficient recycling of power batteries for electric vehicles, as well as the current work progress and future strategic development plans for the construction of the scrapped automobile industry chain. The two parties also conducted in-depth discussions on the current status and technical level of power battery recycling at home and abroad.

  The two representatives believed that Bangpu was committed to the combination of standardization research and technology research and development, which promoted the industrial development and development of power battery recycling, and expressed admiration and appreciation for Bangpu’s efforts and achievements in the field of power battery recycling and processing. At the same time, he expressed that he is looking forward to developing more extensive and in-depth exchanges and cooperation with Bangpu.


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