Anke, chief engineer of Hunan Provincial Commission of Economy and Information Technology, inspects Brunp

  • Release time:2014-11-20

  On the morning of November 18th, An Ke, the chief engineer of Hunan Provincial Economic and Information Commission, visited Brunp for inspection and guidance. Chen Jun, Director of the Raw Material Industry Department of the Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission, Zhao Xiansong, Deputy Director of the Raw Material Industry Department, Zhang Tieguang, Deputy Director of the Changsha Municipal Industry and Information Committee, and Zou Lixin, Director of the Materials Department, accompanied him. General Manager Li Hemin is responsible for receiving Chief Engineer An and his party.

  General Manager Li Hemin focused on the second phase of Brunp’s trial operation. At present, Brunp relies on the basic advantages of the directional recycling process of small waste batteries to promote the recycling of vehicle power batteries and the treatment of scrapped vehicles in both technical development and strategic planning. Significant progress has been made in the construction of the industrial chain. 

  Encore fully affirms that Brunp has been unswervingly adhering to the high standards of environmental protection requirements while vigorously focusing on production and promotion projects, and highly appreciates Brunp for my country’s environmental protection business, the recycling and comprehensive utilization of strategic materials, and the social economy of Hunan Province. Contribution to development. In the end, he hopes that Brunp will continue to work hard, face difficulties, achieve greater brilliance on the basis of existing achievements, and make greater contributions to the development of my country's green circular economy.


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