The third meeting of the Sino-German Power Battery Recycling Working Group was held in Tianjin

  • Release time:2015-01-05

  On December 9, 2014, the third working group meeting of the "Sino-German Power Battery Recycling Project Working Group" was held in Tianjin. At the meeting, China and Germany respectively introduced the development and resource utilization of their own power battery development and related policies, and gave special reports on the current status and trend of electric vehicle power battery development, power battery recycling system cases, and German power battery recycling technology. . At the meeting, the research institutes of China and Germany officially released the "Feasibility Study Report on the Recycling and Utilization of Power Batteries for Electric Vehicles in China."

 Deputy Inspector Ma Rong attended the meeting and delivered a speech. She pointed out that the development of power battery recycling is an important field of Sino-German circular economy cooperation. The two countries have a broad space for cooperation in this field. The recycling and utilization of power batteries between the two countries has played a role as an exchange platform and promoted the progress of related work. She also proposed the next step of cooperation in terms of implementing cooperation content, innovating cooperation mechanisms, and expanding cooperation space.

  Yu Haijun, general manager of Hunan Bangpu Scrapped Automobile Recycling Co., Ltd., as one of the designated experts, conducted detailed and in-depth details on the packaging, transportation, vehicle disassembly, battery box disassembly, module disassembly, and single-unit disassembly. Technical speech.

  The working group was established in accordance with the requirements of the "Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation in the Field of Power Battery Recycling and Utilization" signed by the National Development and Reform Commission and the German Ministry of Environment in June 2011. Three research conferences have been held so far. Leading power battery recycling companies have been invited to participate for two consecutive sessions. The successful cooperation cases between Bangpu and many domestic and foreign auto companies have become a pioneering model of the Sino-German power battery recycling working group.


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