[Good news] Brunp won the "21st China Patent Award" Excellence Award

  • Release time:2021-04-27

April 26 is the 21st "World Intellectual Property Day". The Foshan Municipal Government organized a city-wide intellectual property conference. At the meeting, the representatives of 13 enterprises that won the 21st China Patent Award and the 7th Guangdong Patent Award were awarded. plaque. Among them, Guangdong Brunp Cycle Technology Co., Ltd. won the "21st China Patent Award"  for its patent "a method for preparing nickel-cobalt lithium manganate from waste power batteries by directional circulation", marking Brunp's development in waste batteries. 


This award is a high affirmation of Brunp's innovation ability and patent quality. In the future, In tne future, Brunp will strengthen the technology research and development of the enterprise in an all-round way, implement the intellectual property strategy in depth.


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