The Trial Production of the Brunp Recycling Project in the CATL& Brunp Integrated New Energy Industrial Park and the Start-up Activities of the Brunp Times Project were Held in Yichang City, Hubei Province

  • Release time:2022-09-28

On September 27, the trial production of the Brunp recycling project in the CATL& Brunp Integrated New Energy Industrial Park and the start-up activities of the Brunp Times project were held in Yichang City, Hubei Province.

At the event site, Vice Governor Wang Li listened to the introduction of the overall planning, layout and preliminary progress of the project, and visited the product display area and the intelligent control hall. He urged the company to promote follow-up project construction with high standards, high quality and high efficiency, and strive to achieve full production as soon as possible.


Guo Kangxin, director of the Yichang High-tech Zone Management Committee, said that the CATL& Brunp integrated new energy industry project took only 52 days from the signing to the start of construction, and only 300 days from the start of the construction to the trial production, constantly refreshing the "Yichang speed" and "Hubei Speed".


Li Changdong, chairman and president of Brunp , expressed his heartfelt thanks to the party committees, governments and all sectors of society in Yichang for their full support to Yichang Brunp.

He said that a great cause begins with a dream and is accomplished at the right time and place. CATL& Brunp integrated new energy industry project is not only the strategic highland of the company's strategy, , but also the dream carrier to realize the integration of battery cycle and lithium iron phosphate. Brunp has enough determination and confidence to achieve the goal of "early completion, early production, and early effect", to build an international leading digital modern factory and green low-carbon factory.in order to achieve the global leader in battery directional cycle, Yichang 100 billion yuan Work hard for the dream of a green low-carbon demonstration park and a modern industrial cluster of trillions of automobiles in Hubei!


Li Hemin, vice president of Bangpu Cycle, said that in the future, Brunp will definitely be in a state of full-scale decisive battle, speed up the full completion of the project, fully reach production and efficiency, and return the favor of Yichang!


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