Good News! Brunp was Shortlisted for "2022 Lithium Battery Material Industry TOP50"

  • Release time:2022-10-12

On October 11th, the 2022 Gaogong Lithium Battery Materials Conference, sponsored by Gaogong Lithium Battery and Gaogong Industry Research Institute (GGII), was held at the Kapok Hotel in Dong'an Lake, Chengdu Economic Development Zone. Brunp has been listed in the "2022 Lithium Battery Materials Industry TOP50" !


The list comprehensively evaluates the strength of enterprises from the basic dimensions of enterprise business model, R&D innovation, supply chain advantages, and self-growth. The list mainly commends material  enterprises and enterprises with outstanding contributions to the application market, providing a value reference for industrial capital.

Under the background of carbon neutrality, the power battery market ushered in a demand blowout period, and the development space of the lithium battery industry will be broader. In the future, Brunp will strengthen innovation-driven and industrial collaboration, establish green manufacturing benchmarks, continue to move towards the goal of carbon neutrality, achieve double improvement of economic and social benefits of enterprises, and strive to create a new situation of high-quality development.


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