The Changsha Base Held Internal and External Joint Standard Training Seminars

  • Release time:2022-11-09

On the afternoon of November 7th, the joint training seminar on "Focus on Standard Construction, Build an Innovation System, and Help the Dual Carbon Goals" jointly organized by the Enterprise Development Center and the Human Resources Center ,which was held at the Changsha base in Hunan Province.


The training consisted of four courses, namely "Carbon Background and Carbon Calculation", "Patent Mining and Solution Evaluation", "Standardization Helps High-quality Development of Enterprises" and "Standardization and Industrial Development", which attracted more than 150 participants from various departments of the company.

The first two courses were taught by Shen Yinqiu of the company's strategic management department and Li Aixia of the intellectual property department, which explained the concepts of "carbon neutrality" and "carbon peaking" and the calculation method of carbon emissions, as well as the importance and method of patent mining.


Li Shaoyang


Mao Zhimin

In the lecture, the two teachers said that standardization is an important method,and means to achieve high-quality development, and the life of standardization lies in implementation, and the standard requirements should be resolutely implemented; Enterprise standards are an important guarantee for achieving consistent product quality and stable operation of enterprises, and an enterprise standard system that suits enterprises should be created to continuously improve competitive advantages.


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