Ten Major Events of Brunp in 2022

  • Release time:2022-12-31

1. The Trumpet of the Tough Battles Sounds

In January, the seven tough battles corps assembled and took on the task of "fighting big battles, fighting hard battles and winning in the battles".




2. Cooperate to Create an Integrated Industrial Benchmark

In April, Puqin Times signed a tripartite agreement with Indonesia ANTAM and IBI to jointly build power battery industry chain projects including nickel mining and smelting, battery materials, battery manufacturing and battery recycling.




3. Harvest fruitful results in Technological Innovation

In April, Brunp won the prize of 23rd China Patent Excellence Award. The technological innovation ability of Brunp prove to be powerful.



4. Commencement of the Headquarters Project

In June, Brunp Global R&D Center and Innovation Headquarters Project started. Brunp plan to build a major technology and innovation platform through the new headquarters.




5. Several Good News from Yichang

In September, the LFP recovery line of Brunp in Yichang Base achieved trial production, and Brunp Era Project was started, striving to achieve "early completion, early production, and early efficiency" .




6. Set the Goals for the year of 2023

In October, the strategy co-creation meeting of Brunp was held in Foshan headquarters, which defined the key objectives in 2023: project assurance, stable operation and resource expansion.




7. Win National Honor Once More

In October, Brunp was selected into the list of national intellectual property advantage enterprises, which indicates that Brunp's intellectual property management level and operation ability have been comprehensively improved.




8. Rank among the Guangdong top 100 enterprises

Brunp rank 60th on the Top 100 Private Enterprises in Guangdong Province and 31th on the Top 100 Private Enterprises of Manufacturing Industry in Guangdong Province in the year of 2022.

At the same time, Brunp rank 17th on the Foshan top 100 enterprises, 9th on the Foshan top 100 manufacturing enterprises and 14th on the Foshan top 100 private enterprises in 2022.




9. Make Great Progress in Base Construction

In the year of 2022, the 36000 tons of ferronickel production capacity has been almost fully released, and 50% of bituminous coal has been replaced by thermal coal in Weda Bay Base; The output of Ningde Pingnan Base exceeded 10000 tons; Ningde Fuding Base M16 was put into production as scheduled, marking the successful construction of the first standardized nickel bean production line of Brunp; The second phase of Foshan Base was partially put into operation, and the construction of the base was orderly promoted.




10. Hello, Changsha Third Factory!

In December, the Third Factory of Changsha Base was officially opened, which effectively demonstrated the new achievements of Brunp's promotion of industrial development. The year of 2022 came to a complete and successful end.




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