Changsha Base of Brunp and Ningxiang Yunqi Experimental Primary School Launched the Theme Activity Jointly

  • Release time:2023-11-04

Recently, Changsha Base of Brunp and Ningxiang Yunqi Experimental Primary School jointly launched the theme activity of Exploring Industrial Beauty and Developing Reading Habits, leading Young Pioneers to approach enterprises, understand careers, and experience the beauty of labor. Brunp donated funds for the student reading room of Yunqi Primary School.

At the beginning of the activity, Tan Zhijun, the manager of the Human Resources Department of Brunp, gave a vocational education class to the children, reminding them to study hard in order to build a socialist modernized new China in the future.

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An educational short film One Day for the Brunp People was played during the activity, helping children to have a more intuitive understanding of their parents' work content and environment. After the video, students raised their hands to express their gratitude to their parents.

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Brunp has always adhered to the principle of social sharing of development achievements, donated funds to Yunqi Primary School, established a book reading room, and expanded channels for students to acquire knowledge. Vice Principal Li Wei of Yunqi Primary School presented a banner to Brunp. Young pioneers also presented an elaborate Paper Cuttings work and interacted with the company representatives.

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Since the establishment of the Changsha Base of Brunp, we have visited local primary and secondary schools multiple times, held science popularization activities, donated teaching equipment and construction funds. Brunp will implement the core values of "win-win" for enterprises, actively support basic education, and also play a role in other social welfare fields such as environmental protection, agricultural assistance, medical care, and charity.


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