Practice Corporate Social Responsibility through Science Popularization Activities

  • Release time:2023-11-16

Where will the EV battery go after the retirement? How to recycle and reuse waste batteries? How to treat wastewater, waste residue, and exhaust gas during the recycling process? On November 14th and 16th, over a hundred students found the answer in the science popularization activity.

The science popularization activity was organized by the Education Office of Leping Town, co organized by Leping Town Central Primary School, and undertook by Guangdong Brunp Recycling Technology Co., Ltd. On November 14th, The CDC of Brunp entered Leping Town Central Primary School and provided on-site teaching and fun interactions for more than 100 students, guided students to pay attention to the Earth's environment and practice a green, low-carbon lifestyle.

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Yi Xiaohua from the CDC elaborated on the hazards of global warming, the importance of the dual carbon goal, and the specific actions of the Brunp in response to China's dual carbon goal. Through videos, students were able to understand the entire process of battery recycling. Brunp set up a small interactive segment, encouraged students to rank the carbon content of various common actions, deepened their understanding of carbon emissions.

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On November 16th, Brunp organized 30 students to visit the factory. In the enterprise exhibition hall, students carefully listened to the development history and entrepreneurial stories of the enterprise, and understood the process of dismantling EV batteries.

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In the digitalization workshop, students visited the production line and experienced technological progress and social development.

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Researchers of Brunp lead students to conduct experiments, leading them to experience the daily scientific research work. Through the communication, interaction, and experimentation with R&D engineers, students can improve their ability to identify, analyze, and solve problems.

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Brunp also set up the Engineer Lunch segment, inviting engineers from the research institute to have lunch with students, communicating in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, allowing students to understand the innovative spirit of engineers, and planting a small seed in their hearts.

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Brunp has always attached great importance to environmental science popularization work. In the future, Brunp will continue to carry out various forms of research and learning activities,  promote high-quality development of enterprises, and fulfill corporate social responsibility.


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