Brunp Smart Factory Helps Carbon Reduction

  • Release time:2023-12-17

Recently, at the 2023 World 5G Convention, the project Full Chain Zero Carbon Smart Factory Based on 5G Kite Type Private Network of Brunp was selected as one of the Top 10 5G Application Cases in 2023. Brunp has also been awarded the title of 2023 Foshan Third Level Digital and Intelligent Demonstration Factory.


The Intelligent Production Management System of Brunp can achieve comprehensive traceability management of order scheduling, product development, production execution, material retrieval, and process quality, promoting high automation and compliance of business operations. The system can solve problems such as difficult quality control and complex manual operations, and improve manufacturing efficiency.

Through data acquisition and intelligent control, Brunp achieves the 100% networking rate for key equipment, improves process visualization and remote control of equipment parameters, assisting in collection and transmission between different systems without delay, transmitting data to servers and providing feedback on results accurately, avoiding extended production time due to testing.

With the support of China Mobile and other partners, Brunp has built the 5G kite type private network based on the IEIC (Integration of the Entire Industrial Chain) industrial park, combining digital production applications with advanced technology, significantly reducing transportation links, coordinating the consumption of three wastes, controlling carbon emissions, and empowering the company's nine major factories to obtain SGS carbon neutrality certification.


In the future, Brunp will explore more 5G integration application scenarios, establish a green manufacturing benchmark, and further promote the national carbon neutrality process.


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