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Visual Identity

Visual Identity

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Brunp Visual Identify System

In the pursuit of technological innovation, at the same time, we also pay great attention to the brand culture establishment, advocate to promote the company development by culture establishment and gradually improve Brunp Visual Identify System combined with the business philosophy and brand core values.

1.Brunp main logo (Anthropomorphic named a “cycle”)


Born in July, 2007, the main identity name of Brunp is “cycle”, which means “recycling and extend to eternity”. The English and Chinese names of the company are surrounded by the incessant circle, representing the Brunp’s beautiful vision to incessantly recycle the limited resource. The pronunciation of “Brunp” is homophonic to its Chinese name, and the initial and end letters of “BP” are respectively the initial letters of its Chinese pinyin; the letter of “RUN” is in the middle of “Brunp”, meaning running, and implying that Brunp will bravely run forward. The main colors of the trademark are green and yellow, showing the green environmental protection enterprise we are focusing on.

2)Brunp vice logo (Anthropomorphic named “running”)

11The vice logo of Brunp is named “running”. The initial and end letters of “BP” are not only the initial letters of Chinese pinyin of “Brunp”, but also of “running”, thus perfectly combined the “Brunp” with “running”. Its design is concise and elegant, reflecting the international prospective of the company’s vision planning; and the colors are bright and distinctive, showing the youth and vitality, vigor and progressive image of Brunp 

3). Directional recycling (honored it as the core mastered technology of Brunp )


“Directional recycling” is the unique visual identity whose object is recycling industry mode. “Directional recycling” is the core technology that makes Brunp achieve the connection between the waste and the raw materials.

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