Corporate philosophy

Corporate philosophy

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Idea: Sun dream team sharing
Spirit: The science and technology create the green life.
Aim: Waste batteries cycling expert
Vision: Waste batteries and carriers directional cycling service provider
Mission: Life is not over until circulation’s over.

BRUNP’s company philosophy consists five parts, they are enterprise aim, enterprise spirit, management idea, enterprise vision and enterprise mission. The management idea is the acknowledgement of social belief and common pursuit relating to the values and right management behaviors of suppliers, customers, competitors and employees in the enterprise’s commercialized business chain. The enterprise spirit reflects employees’ common inner attitudes, ideological level and ideal pursuit, defines that the enterprise hopes his employees to work and live with positive and health.

The enterprise aim answers fundamentally the question “what kind of enterprise will-we become”, confirms the enterprise’s overall direction and main key, makes the enterprise’s strategic planning have rules to follow. The enterprise vision gathers enterprise’s mid-term and long-term aim or target, keeps balance between the struggle and the ideal goal. The enterprise mission is the enterpriser’s and his team’s highest pursuit of belief, is the significance except money, is the career’s most essential value.

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