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The operation and development of a company are not independent from others, however, behaviors and policies made by the company will produce direct or indirect influences on the society. On the basis of burdening the responsibilities for the companies, Brunp has made a perfect combination of self-development and social responsibility. Along with the booming development, Brunp has implemented the social responsibility by technology innovation and self-behavior. With a long-term vision, Brunp is striving for the sustainable development for the company, and prove to be a good enterprise citizen to make more people benefit from it.

Energy saving and environmental protective—green technology, green life

Brunp has integrated production operation, industry chain cooperation and environmental protection together; strive to blend the environmental protection concept into every implementation of the company. By integrating the value chains of customers, employees, shareholders and partners, establish the waste battery recycling system, solve the problem of battery waste that is difficult to deal with from the source for partners, decrease the cost, Brunp has realized the green reproduce of the waste battery in the true sense, thus result in the resonance effect from partners and mutually promote the green recycling economy on battery production.
Meanwhile, Brunp has integrated resources of government, media, school, community, etc. to jointly establish the downstream recycling system for waste batteries, build the waste battery recycling network, within which recycling boxes are set to recycle and reuse the waste battery in life. To improve national awareness of environmental protection by organizing environmental public activities, producing and advocating environmental handbook, bring the protection propaganda into lessons, leading people to choose a healthy, green, environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Enthusiastic about education—to prosper the country and company by talents

Brunp has consistently considered the principle of “Emphasis on the cultivation of talents to support the development of education” as its basis to exist and develop. Since its foundation, Brunp has based on its own technical advantage to establish long-term cooperation with the domestic institutions of higher education, providing professional platform for students to take practice, implemented the scholarship program in colleges and universities, sending a love and caring for students who are living in poverty but excellent in character and learning.

Public welfare and charity—A party funding, more are benefited

Combined with company advantage, introduced the innovative welfare mechanism and based on the principle of “From the people, for the people and benefit the people”, Brunp pays attention to natural disasters of the country and vulnerable groups in the society, subsidize the organizations that engaged on charity, environmental protection and health, making distribution to the charities, resources conservation and environmental protection.

Care for employees—Pay concern and attention, grow together

Human resources are the valuable wealth of the society, but also the forces that support enterprise development. Brunp has considered protecting life and health of employees as its responsibility, provide employees with safe and convenient working and living conditions, supplying employees various social security severely according to the national standard, continuously improve the treatment of employees. Care for the staff’s life, and concern for their development. The company has included the staff development into its own development, deeply mined employee's capacity, to arrange personnel in their potential and achieve company and staff’s common development. Meanwhile, we wil.

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