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Historical Evolution

Historical Evolution


February 2012: Establishing the technical research and development center for new energy vehicles battery power constant circulation engineering in Guangdong
December 2011: Awarded the honorary title of “ Foshan Science Education Base”
December 2011: General Manager, Li Changdong was selected to be the outstanding scientific and technological worker in Nanhai District, Foshan City.
December 2011: Gaining the third “Most Growth of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises “award in Foshan.
October 2011: Selected to be an innovative pilot enterprise in Guangdong
September 2011: Selected to be an enterprise for fostering strategic emerging industry in Guangdong
August 2011: Selected to be a key supporting enterprise of “Selection and Nutrition” plan in Nanhai District of Foshan
August 2011: Establishing Guangdong Brunp academician workstation for researching the battery recycling utilization on new energy vehicles
July 2011: Hunan Brunp was identified by Hunan Enterprise Technology Center.
June 2011: Project Ⅱ with 3000 tons of ternary precursor production line was started.
January 2011: General Manager Li Changdong won the title of “Entrepreneur Star” in Changsha of 2010 year.
November 2010: Power battery recycling industry project was matched with Guangdong strategic emerging industry of electric vehicles.
October 2010: Establishing cooperated R & D center of “WEEE & AUTO resource recycling” with the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
July 2010: Two products passed through Guangdong new products and new technologies identification.
May 2010: Key technologies of clean recycling utilization on waste battery materials and its industrialization project passed through the identification of scientific and technological achievements.
January 2010: Nickel production line with capacity of 2000 tons was officially put into operation.

December 2009: Vice Mayor of Changsha City, He Jihua and his entourage inspected Hunan Brunp Company.
December 2009: Advisory of Hunan Provincial People's Government, Zeng Qingnian, and Deputy Director of Hunan Environmental Protection Department, Wang Huilong and their entourage visited Hunan Brunp Company.
October 2009: Secretary of Changsha Resource Recycling Association the Association, Zhou Jing and his entourage visited Hunan Brunp Company.
July 2009: Foshan media visited the Hunan Brunp Company.
June 2009: Brunp participated in the 2nd Guangdong energy saving technology and application exhibition.
une 2009: “World Environment Day— 5th June: Protect environment, Brunp in action!
December 2008: co-sponsoring China’s first recycling system of waste batteries
December 2008: Brunp held the celebration of the third anniversary of Factory Day.
January 2008: Hunan Brunp recycling Science and Technology Co., Ltd. was officially established.
January 2008: Got the certification from German TUV Quality Certification System.

December 2007: held the celebration of the second anniversary of Factory Day
September 2007: Held completion celebration of the R & D center
August 2007: Chief materials scientist of Canada Alberta University, Xu Zhenghe visited the company.
July 2007: Official unified brand image and LOGO with the meaning of recycling and team sharing were born.
January 2007: establishing science and technology partnership with Tsinghua University and seting up the Brunp scholarship.

October 2006: Finished the project of “Preparation of cobalt chloride by recycling from the waste lithium -ion batteries”.
July 2006: Won the title of “Executive Director Unit of Guangdong Environmental Science Association “.
June 2006: A utility model patent of battery dismantling machine with innovative R & D was accepted to verify.
June 2006: Finished the project of “Preparation of nickel sulfate by recycling from waste nickel-metal hydride battery”
March 2006: Polymer lithium recycling technology was officially launched

December 2005: Brunp was established.

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