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Guangdong new energy automobile battery constant circulation engineering technology research and development center (hereinafter referred to as the “Engineering Technology Center”), established in 2011 with the approval of Guangdong Science and Technology Department, is an important supporting platform for improving the independent innovative capability and carrying out industrialization research for new energy vehicles and power battery industries. Under the technological leadership of General Manager Li Changdong, Engineering Technology Center has developed its capacity of engineering technology from three directions of waste recycling, new materials and recycling economy. It has launched a number of researches by focusing on the constant circulation technology for electric vehicle batteries (nickel and lithium), such as the recycling mode, dismantling processing, recycling products, forefront standards and patents of waste vehicle power batteries, especially the research of reverse synthesis technology of complex material system for power batteries. It has provided the new energy automotive industry in Guangdong and the neighboring regions with the recycling service on recycling use, environmental friendly processing, raw materials and remanufacturing of spare parts, etc.

Meanwhile, Engineering Technology Center is also a platform for engineering technology application to support the development of Brunp industry. In the direction of waste recycling, Engineering Technology Center has been based on the mode of “Accumulating, summarizing and promoting” by focusing on scientific management, informatization, Internet of things and automation to carry out recycling mode and pretreatment technology researches, and formed supply chain integration and optimization competence at last. In the direction of the new materials, Engineering Technology Center has been base on the R & D mode of “Remanufacturing, reuse and refeneration” by focusing on the waste power batteries to carry out high value-added materials research, and formed the competence of formulation design of new materials. In the direction of recycling economy, it has been based on the mode of “summarizing and Promoting” by focusing on the refining of discarded appliances, scrap cars and noble metals, setup design of reverse products, and “three wastes” processing technology in the production, and formed unique core competence on recycling and green design.

Engineering Technology Center has not only provided a powerful technical support for company’s forefront industry, but also accelerated the development of circular economy in the Pearl River Delta region and promoted the formation of high-tech industry clusters. In addition, Engineering Technology Center can achieve interoperability and integration of scientific research and technology in the field of renewable resources, which has an important significance to the healthy development of China's waste resource recycling industry.


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