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R & D System

R & D System

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R & D center
Founded in 2007, RMB 10 million's total investment, 2000 square meters' gross area, BRUNP R & D center consists of the enterprise technology center, the engineering technology center and the academician workstation, in which there are several large experimental labs such as scrap car disassembled lab, new energy vehicles and power battery recycling lab, raw material inspection lab, sample preparation room, chemical analysis room, atomic absorption room, environmental detection room, ICP experimental lab, fire testing room, enlarge testing lab, raw material synthesis lab, etc.

Hardware facilities
BRUNP R & D center is equipped with piles of precision equipment and high-end instruments that lead domestic same industry level, such as waste batteries resource detection, preparation, analysis, purification, powder refabrication and power battery performance detection and so on, including a large number of advanced instruments and equipment like atomic absorption spectrometer, ion emission spectrometer, ultraviolet-visible spectral spectrometer, X-ray powder diffractometer, spectrophotometer, laser particle size distribution instrument, Malvern laser particle analyser, reaction kettle, intermediate frequency furnace, artificial intelligence tube type resistor furnace, ball mill, vacuum drying oven, power battery performance test equipment, etc. Not only can it satisfy the development of enterprise's cutting-edge technology research and technology test, but also carry out outward the services of battery waste's composition test and battery materials' performance test, construct the best hardware technology environment for the r & d system.

R & D team
BRUNP has a research and development team young, energetic and powerful that specialize in the recovery and disassembly of waste batteries and scraped car, the research and development of parts remanufacturing technology. Researchers major in electrochemistry, vehicle engineering and environmental engineering from key universities like Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Jilin University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, zhejiang University, xi 'an Jiaotong University, South China University of Technology, etc. There are one professor, two doctors of engineering, seven masters and sixteen bachelors. Under the lead of the general manager, Mr. Li Changdong and academician Zhang Yi, the authoritative expert in the field of recycling discarded automobiles, our company together with the China Automotive Technology & Research Centre are committed to the industrial research of new energy vehicles and power battery reutilization.

Research cooperation

(1). school-enterprise cooperation
At the same time of pursuing continually the independent innovation, BRUNP also emphasizes the cooperation between school and enterprise and the academic and cultural exchange. Establishing in succession strategic cooperative relations with Tsinghua University, Process Engineering Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, successively completing the industrialization production of “Project of recycling preparation nickel sulfate from used NI-MH batteries”, “Project of recycling preparation cobalt chloride from used lithium ion batteries” and “Project of smelting the used nickel-cadmium battery to the nickalloy”, undertaking the "eleventh five-year plan" scientific support plan major project of the Ministry of Science and Technology (Project number is 2008BAC46B03), NDRC’s major demonstration project of circular economy and resource conservation in 2009, National Environment Ministry’s and Commerce Department’s system construction project of environmental management and recycling, Guangdong science and technology plan project, BRUNP has achieved one scientific and technological achievement identification, applied for 19 patents (2 invention patent authorizations), drafted and established four national, eight industrial, three local standards about cyclic utilization of discarded automobiles and power batteries.

This cooperation unites different environment and resources and respective advantages in talent training of institutes of higher learning and BRUNP’s R & D center, combines the university r & d mainly in the lab r & d with BRUNP R & D center mainly in getting directly the actual experience and practical ability, contributes greatly to the R & D center’s scientific research work and technology industrialization, provides large platform for universities’ personnel training as well, therefore forms a sustainable research cooperation system of really effective circulation and the technical transformation.
(2) Academic discussion

BRUNP supports and organizes actively company’s technical personnel to take part in various academic seminars, special technology discussion salons and other activities. In recent years, BRUNP has been invited to attend special industry conferences such as “China International Nickel and Cobalt Industry's Annual Meeting”, “Resources Recycling International Forum” for many times. In the way of “exchanging visits, lecturing, cooperative research and academic exchanges”, BRUNP improves greatly the r & d system’s overall scientific research level and impact to the outside world.



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