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New material industry
The total investment of the project is about 756 million yuan, with a total planning area of more than 70800 square meters. It is based on the new energy base of Guangdong Province, facing the world, in line with international standards, and building a headquarters base center of new material enterprises with international influence and competitiveness.
Ternary material
Ternary materials are new materials, and the additive NCM precursor is used as the masterbatch (raw material) to produce new materials for EV. They have a wide application prospect in the field of cathode materials for high-efficiency batteries. The new ternary cathode material is lithium nickel cobalt manganate. Through the original "reverse product positioning design" created by Bangpu, the ternary precursor nickel cobalt manganese hydroxide is recycled to generate high-end NCM new materials with excellent performance, so as to realize the "directional cycle" from waste batteries to battery materials, so as to organically integrate the whole circulation link of the battery from manufacturing, consumption to recycling.
Production process

The waste lithium battery is subjected to automatic pretreatment such as crushing, pyrolysis, crushing and repeated screening magnetic separation to obtain the concentrate containing nickel and cobalt, and then the solution containing nickel, cobalt and manganese is separated by chemical dissolution for different concentrate, and then the pure solution containing nickel, cobalt and manganese is separated by chemical impurity removal, extraction impurity removal and extraction purification, The solution uses sodium hydroxide and sodium carbonate as precipitants to form a specific shape of ternary material precursor (nickel hydrogen manganese hydroxide).
The ternary precursor was washed and dried, and evenly mixed with lithium carbonate in a certain proportion. Under the oxygen atmosphere, the segmented program heating heat treatment was carried out, and the sintering temperature and time were controlled to obtain the nickel cobalt lithium manganate material. After completing the transformation from waste to renewable resources, the whole process adopts short-range multi-level technology for continuous treatment to effectively collect various element resources.


Market demand for ternary materials
In recent years, with the continuous development of electronic technology, electronic instruments and equipment continue to develop rapidly in the direction of miniaturization, lightweight and high performance. Lithium ion battery is the product born to meet this demand trend. As a new type of battery cathode material, lithium nickel cobalt manganate, which is manufactured with nickel cobalt manganese three element composite hydroxide as precursor, is gradually replacing the high-cost lithium cobalt oxide cathode material. It can be fully suitable for manufacturing lithium-ion secondary batteries in pharmaceutical enterprises with high safety performance, electric tools with long service life, electric bicycles and electric vehicles. Domestic and foreign enterprises pay more and more attention to the research and development of new ternary cathode materials.

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