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Carrier recycling industry is an extension of battery recycling industry. As all know, batteries are of various shapes and rich kinds, especially the compact batteries have a wide range of application. While most batteries are integrated or carried in the electronics and digital products, tended to be discarded as scrap, thus neither good for the environmental protections or the resources recycling. Therefore, battery carrier recycling industry is of great significance to the battery recycling, that’s why the Brunp carrier recycling industry comes into being.

Recently, the main study object of Brunp carrier recycling industry is car carrier. There is a scrapped automobile disassembling base built in Hunan Province of an area of 30000 square meters, which is designed to dispose the scrapped cars about 20 thousand each year. The establishment of the systematic recycling system and advanced recycling mode can be expected to achieve recovery and reproduction of steel furnace beneficiated material of 20,000 tons/year, iron 1000 tons/year, non-ferrous metal 960 tons/year, nonmetal and other material 7300 tons/year. Applied the original position design and directed circulation mode of the reverse products, which will nurture the native manufacturing companies in return, thereby achieving the joint between the recycling industry and the native manufacturing industry, results in the promotion in the sustainable development of the carrier industry.

In addition, Brunp will have built the Guangdong new energy automotive directed circulation technology research and industrialization demonstration base in 2014, fulfill the scale dissembling of the power battery and scrapped cars and form the quantitative production of the remanufacturing of the automobile products. Further, to contact joint with new energy auto industry, and forge the one-step recycling industry for the recycling, dismantling and remanufacturing of the new energy auto and power batteries.


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