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Industry Description

Industry Description


With the development of the social productive force, the influence of human activities on earth has increased, and the demand for mineral resources has also grown day after day. China is one of the resources powers who owns a rich mineral resources, complete mineral kinds and large mineral quantity. However, the excessive digging and unreasonable use of the mineral resources have resulted in our country many problems such as severe resource wasting and serious environment pollution. The dual pressures of resource and environment have promoted China to explore a useful way to develop recycling economy and achieve the recycling utilization of the mineral resource. Brunp, inspired by the three major industries of battery cycle, carrier cycle and cycle service, and adjacent to the principle of “develop renewable resource, advocate green and public welfare”, has become an important power component of China circular economy system.

Battery recycling industry is the basis and core of Brunp three major industries. It is mainly engaged in the recovery processing of small rechargeable battery and vehicle power battery. To make the directional cycle of waste battery into battery raw material can not only solve the problems of the environmental pollution caused during the production and using process of the battery, but also decrease the resource waste and environment problems caused by ore mining.

The major study object of the Brunp carrier recycling industry is auto carrier. The sustainable development of the carrier industry can by promoted by establishing systematic recycling system, studying the advanced disposal technology, extracting the resources of metal, nonmetal and other polymer material that are reusable in the battery carriers, and meanwhile reapplying the high-end products to the native manufacturing fields with the original reverse product position design and directional recycling mode of the company.

Recycling service industry is formed depended on the battery and carrier recycling industries, aimed to provide the consult service and technical support on recycling utilization of battery as well as the battery carries, and ensure the sustainable and stable development of the two recycling industries.

Battery recycling industry, carrier recycling and recycling service industry has overlapped among each other, which will not only be good for the company to form the diversified development mode with strong resonance, but also establish the coupling interoperability technology in key links of recovery mode, processing technology and manufacturing techniques, achieving the resource share of various industries at the aspects of technology, market, advertisement and service, providing solutions of practical value for the recycling utilization of future new energy automobile.

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