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The Hunan Brunp recycling Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Hunan Brunp” ), founded in 2008, with a total registered capital of RMB 60 million, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Foshan Brunp Recycling Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Hunan Brunp is located in the national new materials industry base for energy saving and environmental protection, Changsha, Hunan, with the total area of 130,000 square meters. It is the largest state-level high-tech enterprise engaged in resources recycling and processing of waste Li-battery and manufacturing of high-end battery materials.

Hunan Brunp annually recycles and deals with more than 6000 tons waste batteries and annually produces nickel-cobalt-manganese hydroxides (ternary precursors), nickel and cobalt lithium manganese oxide ( ternary materials ), lithium cobalt oxide, cobalt chloride, nickel sulfate, cobalt sulphate and cobaltosic oxide up to 4500 tons. With the unique core technology of “constant circulation” connected with waste and raw materials, Brunp has not only achieved changing waste batteries into valuable, but also restored the waste batteries into the high-end battery cathode material. These “reverse products” rich in strategic resources are mainly provided for the well-known domestic battery material and battery manufacturers by the way of "feedback form ", including Brunp ternary precursor which has been well accepted and favored by the both domestic and abroad anode material enterprises (China product standards for ternary materials in nonferrous metals industry, standards for analytical methods, testing standards for ternary precursor are all drafted and verified by Brunp) .

Apart from the recycling of small secondary batteries, Hunan Brunp also has a recycling technology for power batteries from electrical vehicles, mainly including nickel-hydrogen batteries and lithium-ion batteries (ternary, manganese, iron), with the total designed processing capacity of 10,000 tons / year. At present, Hunan Brunp has cooperated with many domestic power battery manufacturers and electrical vehicle manufacturing enterprises by providing them with comprehensive power battery recycling and resourcing solutions, and helping manufacturing enterprises with the responsibility of an extended producer.

As the core part of Brunp recycling industry, Hunan Brunp has been successful in the field of high-end recycling of waste batteries. Meanwhile, it has been successfully applying for and approved as Changsha Ningxiang designated enterprise for waste vehicle recycling and dismantling, with a dismantling field of 29430 square meters. Hunan Brunp annually recycles and dismantles 20000 scrapped automobiles, and remanufactures 18,000 tons steel furnace materials, 900 tons non-ferrous metals, and 5000 tons non-metallic and other materials. The technology for further remanufacturing the auto parts becomes an important tool for Hunan Brunp to be engaged in the high-end recycling industry of scrapped automobiles.

Through several years of rapid development, Hunan Brunp has replied on R & D and planning management systems of Group Headquarters. With pragmatic management, Hunan Brunp has become the executive director unit of China Resource Comprehensive Utilization Association, the executive director unit of Changsha Recycling Association, and won a number of honors such as new Changsha entrepreneurial star, entrepreneurial star, one of “ten” enterprises with rapid development, and Contribution Award for industrial economic tax.

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