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Office environment
In BRUNP, with modern office environment, comfortable and neat staff dormitory, communication and cooperation between colleagues, you will feel it as a big family. For each sad failure, your leader and colleagues will warm you; For each joyous success, BRUNP team will witness life’s exciting moment with you. Share the job, working while living.

Pay and benefits
In order to attract more and more excellent talents, encourage employees to progress continuously, achieve the BRUNP’s prospect strategic goals, we establish the salary welfare guarantee system with high fairness and strong competitiveness on the base of consideration both the market competition and internal equity, consider staff’s various needs and solve their worries behind. 

Occupational train
Basically, the enterprise’s appreciation depends on the human capital. We attach importance to the human resource development, devote to build learning organization, advocate the lifelong learning. Good study atmosphere, powerful policy support, organization guarantees of training institutions at various levels, cooperation with a number of domestic and international consultants and famous schools, etc., all of them guarantee employees’ further study and promotion opportunity after work.
Leisure-time activities
We are young, full of passion and dreams. In BRUNP, there is not only wide career development space, but also attractive and colorful enterprise culture activities. “Knowing the spring will go back soon, grass and trees are contending for the brightness with their most beautiful colors, sweetest fragrance and all of the features”. In early spring, we get together to looking for the trace of spring; “When shall I reach the top and hold all mountains in a single glance?” In autumn, we get together to climb up the high mountains, look as far as we can; Collective dinner and annual dinner make you feel warm in the strange land; Knowledge competition, sports party let you fully show your talent and charm after work. Here, splendid also in leisure time! 


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