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Brunp is a young team: The average age of the team is 29 years old, and it is labeled by youth, vigor and vitality.

Brunp is a professional team:80% staffs of Brunp come from the national key universities of comprehensive ranking top 100, especially the talents in the positions of R&D and management generally come from the national key universities, such as: Tsinghua University, Central South University, Xiamen University, Hunan University, Zhongshan University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, etc.

Brunp is a high-quality team:In the talent pool of Brunp, there are 3 D.E., 6 masters, 35 bachelors, as well as 2 senior technical experts, 5 researchers, 3 professional managers, 2 financial managers, and 1 human resources manager.

Brunp is a goose-like team: The Brunp people never differ junior from senior based on the educational background and intelligence, but has long-term maintained and advocated the mutual cooperation spirit of “pass on experience”, strive for the mutual hard work, encouragement and development.

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