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A great one has the capacity to accommodate all matters big and small like the ocean accepts the waters from rivers and streams. Treating our staff as our enterprise’s precious wealthy, we devote to create the most suitable work environment, the most competitive pay and benefit and development platform for them, to attract people with sunny career, to make people with challenging post, to improve people with systematic training. We respect everyone's knowledge and work, respect every employee.

Talent concept: Be a man first , then do the work.
 The enterprise can’t develop without excellent talents. Our definition for the word “Talents” is that it contains human and talent. In other words, “Be a man first, then do the work”. It comes from the people selecting reference standard - Ice model which is put forward by American psychologist, McClelland.
The ice model divides the individual quality into two parts: the surface "above iceberg part" and secret "below iceberg part". Including basic knowledge and basic skills, the first part is the external expression easy to know and measure, more easy to change and develop through the training. While the second part is the one internal and difficult to measure, including social role, self-image, characteristic and motivation. They are not easy to change by the outside world, but play a critical role on the individual’s behavior and performance.

Personnel policy: Morality first, respect the knowledge, the work and the talents
1. Morality first: Being the first respect, only the morality is deep enough can we succeed./span>
2. Respect the knowledge: The knowledge is so wide that it has no boundary. Genuine knowledge wins the respect.
3. Respect the work: The work belongs to God, no pain, no gain.
4. Respect the talents: Employment depends on the ability rather than the relationship.