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Thanks for your participation in BRUNP social recruitment/campus recruitment. We are greet to good recommendations and opinions!
Recommendation/ opinion:

The demands and feedbacks of applicants are fundamental and basis for us to improve our recruitment service. We will rectify and perfect the recruitment work in time, provide a recruitment environment with high quality, high efficiency and convenience.

1. The recruitment information is real-time or not;
2. The recruiting post information is clear or not;
3. Get a good service or not during the application and consultation; □Yes □No(Reason: )
4. In your opinion, our employment process is reasonable or not;
5. Get a good service or not during the written examination or the interview;
6. There is unpleasant experience during the process of written examination or interview;
7. The feedback of the employment result is in time or not;
Please send you suggests and opinions to E-mail: