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Hunan Identified Enterprise Technology Center (hereinafter referred to as the “Enterprise Technology Center”) was established in 2011 with the approval of Hunan Industry and Information Technology Committee. It’s a key implementation platform for promoting and improving establishment of technological innovation system, encouraging enterprises to carry out technological innovation, and improving the capability of independent innovation of Hunan. With the advantages of talents, technologies and management in Brunp headquarter and the gathering of elites from domestic and foreign institutions of higher learning and veterans of this industry, the Enterprise Technology Center, under the technical leadership of Vice General Manager Zhou Hanzhang, has built a most professional R & D team in the field of waste battery recycling industry as well as renewable resourcing in China.

Enterprise Technology Center is strategically planned and implemented by focusing on the company’s technology development and innovation to master the forefront dynamics of various professional technical developments. The company shall propose the research projects and be responsible for the establishment of science and technology projects, verification, identification and process control; cooperate with relevant research institutes to carry out technical exchanges and cooperation; organize and arrange the review and application of major scientific and technological achievements and technology patent application; participate in the technical management of contracted projects, responsible for drafting and review of major technical proposals; research the solutions of processing technologies on major problems responsible for corporate testing management and development planning.

Adhering to the guiding ideology “Science and technology are primary productive forces", Enterprise Technology Center has actively implemented the strategy of "Science and Technology Develop Enterprise Vigorously”, emphasizing the awareness of market, effectiveness and innovation. It has researched advanced processing and recycling technologies for waste battery resourcing which are widely used in the production. These technologies provide a new way of thinking and a new method for waste battery recycling, and make a great contribution to the innovation and development of processing technology for waste batteries in China.